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The Short:

We have a large social media channel and deep influence within WVU. We can send people to your business by posting a picture/video about your business or a promotion, or by sending a popular local person to show our thousands of followers that they are at your business and using your product.

The Long:

This package lets you get in front of our thousands followers and use the context of our WVUAftrerDark brand to showcase your business. It is up to you what type of post you'd like to do. We offer two types of posts.

The first type is a 'Image/video' post:
With this type of post you send us a video or image showcasing your business. We then post it on our social media channels (*see content guidelines below*).

The second type (and most effective from our experience) is an 'Influencer Takeover' post:
This option is best explained by this example.
Lets say you are a tanning salon looking to increase your monthly memberships and tanning lotion sales. And lets also say you purchased an 'influencer post'. We'd send one (or several) of our model influencers to your business, she'd post directly to our social media accounts to show she is going tanning at your business by either mentioning it, taking a picture from outside and/or tagging the location. She would also post a picture/video of her using the tanning lotion and saying something along the lines of 'Tanning without lotion is like brushing your teeth without tooth paste!'.

So then our thousands of local followers know that this model goes to your tanning salon, and recommends they buy tanning lotion. This works like magic, and this concept of 'social proof' can be applied in one way or another to nearly every business, whether you are a club, gym, or restaurant.

*Our content guidelines are very simple!

  • We can't post anything that can get the account banned, which just means no nudity.
  • In the interest of keeping our audience engaged we don't post fliers with heavy text, instead we post good quality video or image, and explain any promotions in the cation (for Instagram). This is also better for reach within Instagram because the algorithm doesn't favor heavy text images. 

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail us at Contact@WVUAfterDark.com

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